Non-toxic fire retardant

12 20 2018 | Environmental safety | Fire protection

The benefits of non-toxic fire protection in the manufacturing of wood products

The demand for fire protected timber products is growing in the construction industry as multi-storey and eco-friendly timber buildings gain popularity. The use of a non-toxic fire retardant in a certified production process is a competitive advantage for the manufacturers of wood products in terms of both marketing and production.


The growth of timber construction is largely based on the eco-friendliness, versatility and appearance of wood products. Timber structures absorb carbon dioxide from the air, acting as a carbon sink and thus helping to control global warming.

Timber is also a breathable building material and has been shown to have a positive impact on human health. In addition, wood products that are free from harmful glues and impregnating substances are recyclable.

A new generation of non-toxic fire retardants can be used for manufacturing wood products that are safe for people and the environment. Fire protection treatment with Nordtreat’s tested products offers many commercially and technically remarkable benefits and sales arguments. For example, industrially treated wood products do not need to be retreated at the construction site or soon after the completion of the construction project.

  • Certified ready-to-install products that meet the requirements of fire class B-s1, d0 speed up the construction process.
  • Fire protected products are emission-free and environmentally friendly.
  • Fire protection also protects wood products from weather impacts.
  • Wooden surfaces treated with a translucent fire retardant have a natural appearance.
  • The structural properties of wood products will not change, with the
    exception of the required fire safety.

The certification of fire protected timber construction products should be done in cooperation with a certified fire retardant manufacturer. Nordtreat has certifications for the most common wood products and the company will help its partners with the certification process regarding the fire protection of other wood products.


It becomes easier to ensure occupational safety when the production process uses the safest possible substances. A high level of occupational safety improves the well-being of employees and reduces the risk of accidents. Both of these aspects are also significant to a company, financially and in terms of reputation.

The non-toxic, pH neutral and solvent-free fire retardants are safe to handle and use. When handling Nordtreat products, workers must wear the normal protective equipment required at an industrial facility: protective clothing, gloves, goggles and a respirator, if necessary. The products are not spontaneously combustible and they do not irritate the skin or eyes. However, it is important to ensure good ventilation within the production facility.


Nordtreat’s translucent water-based fire retardants can be applied through a pressure treatment, vacuum treatment or by spraying or dipping.

Switching between production batches treated with different tones becomes easier as the cleaning of equipment can be done with water and requires no special arrangements. Equipment servicing and maintenance is also easier. Quick and prompt deliveries are naturally the most important way to facilitate the control of industrial material flows. The safe and non-flammable NT DECO fire retardant is easy to store. Normal storage conditions at a temperature of +5-30 °C and protection from sunlight are the only requirements.


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