NORFLAM flame retardant solution for wood-based panels

8 18 2022 | Environmental safety | Fire protection | Inspiration | wood construction

NORFLAM is a new flame retardant solution for interior wood panels

Nordtreat has introduced NORFLAM flame retardant solution for professional fire protection of interior wood panels. This ecological solution provides Euroclass B-s1, d0 compliant fire protection for wood-based wall and ceiling panels. The product is suitable for interior panels made of various wood species.

The new flame retardant solution NORFLAM is based on Nordtreat’s proven environmentally friendly technology. It is an addition to Nordtreat’s effective flame retardant family, which now consists of NORFLAM for interior wood-based panels and NT DECO for exterior and interior solid wood products, especially facade cladding and boards and cross-laminated timber.

NORFLAM is a perfect solution for industrial manufacturers of wood-based interior panels. It also serves professional on-site surface treaters in projects where interior wood panels need certified fire protection.




NORFLAM is approved for almost all types of interior wood products with a density of 338 kg/m3 and above. It provides the fire protection class B- s1, d0 according to EN 13501 – the highest class that a combustible product such as wood can achieve.

Furthermore, NORFLAM features the best values for indoor air quality. It is a water-based, low-VOC product so it is not harmful to people or the environment. NORFLAM is available in clear and selected translucent colours which leave the beauty of wood materials fully visible.

The NORFLAM flame retardant solution consists of a primer and top coating. The solution is based on surface impregnation – the flame retardant absorbs into the wood. No other surface treatment is needed and should not be used with NORFLAM in order to maintain the achieved fire protection properties.

  • Euroclass B-s1, d0 fire protection in interior use
  • Indoor Air Comfort Gold® certified
  • Low-VOC product is safe to people and environment
  • Clear or translucent colours






Nordtreat has developed, patented and certified two innovative flame retardants, NT DECO and NORFLAM. Both solutions have been carefully tested in accredited third party laboratories and meet the requirements of Euroclass B-s1, d0. The solutions are water-based, contain no harmful substances and have very low VOC.

But what is so special about NORFLAM and what makes the decisive difference to the proven product NT DECO?


"Our industrial customers love NT DECO. It is easy to process, a water-based one-pot solution, which is available in many shades for the individual design of facades. NORFLAM is also individual but it is particularly suitable for wood-based panels, such as the popular plywood. Its highly effective fire protection primer NORFLAM TP can be processed well on almost all types of wood and surfaces. The top-coat NORFLAM TT is available in clear or translucent colours. My customers tell me that there is hardly a flame retardant treatment for wood in the interior that works as easily as NORFLAM."

Philippe Landry, Nordtreat’s Director, Business Development in France




Revet+ is a large coating company in the south of France and also one of NORFLAM's convinced users.

"With NORFLAM we coat OSB and plywood to meet the requirements of fire protection. Many of the intumescent fire protection coatings are difficult to process and extremely surface sensitive. This increases the risk of complaints. NORFLAM is different. It is water-based and impregnates in the top layer of the wood product. This makes it more wear-resistant."

Gregory Zavroza, Director of Revet+

Which product of Nordtreat Revet+ prefer?


“There is no easy way to answer that. We use NT DECO for facade boards and especially for fire protection treatments of cross-laminated timber, which is becoming more and more popular. But for wood-based panels, especially plywood and OSB, we use NORFLAM. The product is approved for almost all types of wood and wood products."

Gregory Zavroza, Director of Revet+




Euroclass (EN 13501-1) B-s1, d0 B-s1, d0
Application Interior wood-based panels Exterior and interior wood facades, CLT and more
Wood species All wood species Spruce, pine, larch, cedar *)
Colours Clear or a choice of translucent colours Clear or any translucent colour
Specific features Wear resistance Weather and UV resistance
Method Primer and top coating One-pot solution
Use cases - Wood-based panel industries
- Laminated square log industries
- On-site treatment of wood-based panels and laminated square log surfaces
- Solid wood panel and cladding industries
- Glued wood products
- CLT industries
- On-site treatment


*) See NT DECO Technical datasheet

See also NORFLAM Technical Datasheets, Material Safety Sheets and
further information about ecological fire protection for wood.

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