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9 9 2019 | Fire protection | Inspiration

Find the right fire retardant tones for wood

The tones of architectural surfaces in buildings should always be selected carefully because the outcome needs to be pleasing to the eye, match the environment and maintain the desired appearance for as long as possible. It is now easy for architects and designers to select the tones of translucent fire retardants for wooden surfaces as they can order free samples of interior and cladding panels treated with the NT DECO fire retardant.

Fire protection of timber structures with a translucent fire retardant makes it possible to preserve the natural appearance of real wood. However, it may be challenging to find the right tone because the properties of the timber, the profile of the wood product and the fire protection method used, together with the lighting conditions in the location, affect the final tone seen.

The environmentally friendly NT DECO is a certified and safe fire protection solution with low emissions. When wooden surfaces are industrially treated through a certified process or on site in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, they will not require additional treatments during installation or soon thereafter.


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You can order 1–8 free colour samples of interior and/or cladding panels from the Nordic Hues collection. The Nordic Hues collection includes 30 natural, translucent tones, added with four natural shades. You can also order samples using your own tones. The samples of planed interior panels and fine-sawn cladding panels are made of Finnish spruce.

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Nordtreat colour samples


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