Pudasjärvi Log Mansion

4 23 2020 | Fire protection | wood construction

Expertise and collaboration increase demand for log construction in the public sector

Log construction projects are of interest both in Finland and further afield, as the ecological and other benefits of genuine wood are increasingly appreciated. Kontio invests in wood expertise, which also includes fire protection of log surfaces in public buildings as necessary.

The success of the world’s largest log building supplier is based on decades of experience and focused development. Kontio Woodhow™ is the outcome of world-class expertise covering every phase from handling of the unprocessed timber to building design, production and construction. The company has over 40 construction engineers specialising in log construction, who provide their expertise to developers, architects and construction companies.


Kontio’s log buildings are known around the world. In addition to residential and leisure buildings, the company has long delivered log buildings for public and commercial use, particularly for the Finnish, Nordic and Central European markets. About a fifth of all the company’s production is exported. Log is an increasingly popular building material in regional and housing company construction.


For a long time, it was thought that logs are suitable only for the construction of cabins. Over the past few years, however, the situation has changed significantly. Modern detached houses, daycare centres, schools, nursing homes and buildings in the accommodation and restaurant sector are now being built from logs.

“The positive properties of log are finally being widely understood and acknowledged. The decisive factor has been the development of expertise and innovations, but also the desire of environmentally conscious contractors to invest in sustainable new public construction”, explains Kontio’s business-to-business operations manager Hanna Haipus.

A good example of this is Kontio’s hometown of Pudasjärvi, where several public buildings have been systematically built of logs over the past decade. In addition to the pleasantness of log buildings, the main idea has been to ensure good indoor air quality in buildings. Among the exemplary buildings in the town are the world’s largest log-built school, as well as offices, a daycare centre and an assisted living home made from logs. These unique innovations attract interest from near and far.



New log buildings meet the required fire safety and building regulations. In the event of a fire, massive log structures last a long time without collapsing, and fire safety inside the buildings is ensured through the structural design and through various passive fire retardant prevention methods such as fire retardants and sprinklers.

In the case of large public buildings, the law often requires an increase in the surface fire classification of wood structures. For log facades, this often means meeting the requirements for the B fire classification. Log facades are usually surface-treated both for aesthetic reasons and to ensure cleanliness. In surface treatment, it is important to meet the requirements for tested functionality, environmental friendliness and the desired appearance.

According to Haipus, people want to see the wood in buildings and its organic surface. Nature’s own tones finish off the natural look of the surface. Kontio’s experts are familiar with tones and trends and surface treatment options, so help in choosing the right surface treatment solution is always available.

Nordtreat’s translucent water-thinned NT DECO fire retardant is the perfect choice for eco-friendliness and long-lasting fire protection of log surfaces, both inside and out. The product provides both the desired tint
and effective fire protection.

As a result of Nordtreat and Kontio’s joint test programme and the related burning tests, the fire class of pine logs is now B-s1, d0 – the highest possible class for wooden materials. Fire protection treatment of log walls and log structures is always carried out in the construction phase in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

More information on log structures and the associated requirements are available from Nordtreat’s technical customer services and Kontio’s technical information services.


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