4 2 2020 | Fire regulations

Shortcomings in the test results of wood fire retardants published by Tukes

On 2 April 2020, the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency Tukes published a report on a 2019 study that identified deficiencies in fire retardants. One of the products studied was Multiprotect Neutra, a fire retardant manufactured by Nordtreat and available on the market in 2017.

Due to shortcomings in the implementation of the investigation for this product, Nordtreat already provided Tukes with a detailed response in October 2019 criticising the testing method used in the study, which was contrary to the intended use of the product. The study was carried out in a manner that gave an incorrect result for the fulfilment of Multiprotect Neutra fire class B-s1, d0.

Tukes ordered a test for Multiprotect Neutra fire retardant from Nordtreat AS in 2017. In the SBI testing commissioned by Tukes two years after the samples were submitted, the wall test pieces had been processed on only one side, and the result of the test was in line with class C-s1, d0.

However, the product certificate requires all four sides of the wood product to be processed in order for fire class B-s1, d0 to be achieved. This was not carried out, as the panels used in the test commissioned by Tukes were only processed on one side.

As a result of the abnormal testing method, the edges, tongues and grooves and ends of the panels that were tested were not treated with fire retardant, and this had a significant impact on the result of the test.

When used in accordance with the product certificate, the product has met the requirements of fire class B-s1, d0. Multiprotect Neutra was discontinued in 2017, but the product may have been used in the construction industry until the end of 2017.

More information:

Nordtreat Finland Oy, technical customer services, support@nordtreat.com, +358 20 730 9330

Update 2 April 2020:

On 2 April 2020, Tukes (Laura Lakua, superintendent, professional products) submitted a request to Nordtreat to update the product’s instructions and inform its customers and partners that the fire classification B-s1, d0 reported for the product is achieved when the pieces are processed on all sides.


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