NT DECO certified in Poland

6 30 2021 | Fire protection | Fire regulations

Nordtreat’s fire retardant NT DECO has been certified in Poland

NT DECO has passed the Polish Reaction to Fire tests and has been accordingly certified. This is a good example of Nordtreat’s commitment to serve and provide solutions for the local wood processing and construction markets.
Nordtreat’s fire retardants meet the Euroclass B-s1, d0 requirements, but they are also suitable and flexible to meet local building regulations and standards in various markets.
Poland is an important growth market for Nordtreat, and the tests made by Ignis Reaction to Fire now prove that NT DECO fulfils the local requirements, too.

The test results were presented in FORUM HOLZBAU Warsaw event in June 2021 as a part of Nordtreat fire retardant solution offering for wood construction. Marcin Balon, Business Development Director for Poland and other East European markets, is happy with the opportunities the certification provides for Nordtreat customers and partners in Poland:
“Nordtreat’s solutions will change the market of fire-protected wood in Poland.”

Besides excellent fire protection properties, NT DECO is a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly one-pot solution for exterior and interior wood products. Learn more about NT DECO fire retardant.




The Polish building authorities require Reaction to Fire certification which can be achieved by passing the PN-B-02867 standard burning tests three consecutive times. The standard involves igniting a 600 x 300 mm, 20 kg wood crib 50 mm from the facade at its centerline; and then removing the crib after 15 min.

The facade is then observed for an additional 15 min for continued fire behaviour. The surface of the facade facing the wood crib must be as close to 1.8 x 2.3 m as any panel dimensions will allow, and must be constructed as it would be on a building.

Throughout the test, a fan applies an average of 2 m/s airflow towards the facade, providing a worse-case condition that will increase the incident heat flux on the facade. The test must be repeated 3 times on identical facades, and all 3 tests must pass for a facade to be approved.

To pass the test, thermocouple data and qualitative observations from the technician running the test are recorded. The thermocouples are placed 125 mm on either side of the centerline at heights of 1.5 and 2.25 m. These temperature data and observations are then recorded in a test report and checked against the pass/fail criteria for the standard.


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