Järvevana 7B

6 18 2018 | Environmental safety | Fire protection

Estonia’s largest wooden office building is open for business

Järvevana 7b a Green thinking house built in Tallinn, Estonia. The building features 5800m2 of office spaces in different layouts. The building is designed by Architectural Design Office Pluss (pluss.ee).

The building is almost completely made out of wood, making a bold statement for wood construction in Estonia, one of the largest exporters of wood products in Europe by capita.

The building features a wooden cladding, protected to class B-s1,d0 with the environmentally friendly fire-retardant NT Deco in a clear finish. The facade also features shade structures which protect the windows from direct sunlight, thus optimizing energy needs.

Energy efficient ground heating is used, and it provides both cooling in the summer, as well as heating in the winter.

Furthermore, nearly 75% of the water used in the building is collected rainwater and solar panels are installed on the roof to provide sustainable electricity.


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